March 7 2018

Natural food oils

The well-known saying goes, «We are, what we eat». For this reason, an informed approach to selecting foods and food allowance - is the foundation of health and longevity.

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April 5 2018


Granola – it’s fried whole-grain cereal, nuts, dried fruits with the use of a small amount of oil. Before grilling, muesli is impregnated with honey or juice. Honey here acts as a sweetener, which gives a crunchy texture to the granola.
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April 16 2018

The benefits of healthy breakfast

A healthy breakfast will charge you energy and good temper for the whole day. Therefore, a healthy breakfast should become a mandatory beginning of the day.
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July 3 2018

SIAL Shanghai Exhibition 2018

Sial Shanghai 2018

This year our company participated in a worldwide famous international food exhibition SIAL 2018, which was held in Shanghai from 16th to 18th of May.
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