Pumpkin seed oil

Product description

This wonderful and the most tasteful oil is produced with a use of the new vitamin preserving technology from pumpkin seed kernel.
Pumpkin seed oil is a wonderful dietetic product, it contains inexhaustible supplies of vital energy for human life. Due to its healing properties pumpkin seed oil is called “mini pharmacy” among the people.
It is used not just for healing purposes, it is also the most tasteful food supplement. This oil belongs to rare delicacies. It is a perfect seasoning almost to any dish.
Pumpkin seed oil is used for making various salads, beetroot salads, cold dishes, sauces, sprinkling of stewed vegetables and meet. Its taste adds a zest to any salads. Also a perfect ingredient for preparing home-made mayonnaise. Pumpkin seed oil is ideal for making dough.

It is used for salads, cold dishes, sauces, sprinkling of stewed vegetables and meat, is ideal for making dough.


Product Card
Ingredients: Pure Pumpkin Seed Oil
Type of manufacture: manufactured by means of mechanical operations using the method of the first cold pressing.

Health Value
Vitamins: A, B1, B2, B6, C, E, F, K, P, PP.
Shelf Life
Shelf life: 12 months
Store in a cool place away from heat and light.
Period of use after opening: 6 month.
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